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Catalogue 22

© Jaclyn Squizzato, Vanessa Haddock and Chris Cormier 2013 Catalogue 22 is a web-based interface facilitating communication among Carleton’s B. Arch, M. Arch and faculty through online project sharing. Largey housed on Wikiversity and Google Maps, Catalogue 22 is also shared across

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Ottawa’s Waste Connections

© Christine Legault 2013 What happens after you take out the garbage or the compost? When you flush the toilet or wash something down a sewer grate? These questions are answered through a series of colourable, placemat-sized designs for Ottawa children.

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The projects featured here were created by graduate students at the Azrieli School of Architecture, Carleton University, in a class that ran from January to April 2013. For more information consult the menu bar, or simply browse projects by category using the tag cloud.