© Graham Larkin 2013

The Design Incubator (DI) site promotes open source and clear explanation of process. In the same spirit, I offer a history of the genesis of the site by way of the following brief sections:

 Out of Love and Frustration explains the origins of the DI concept;

The Case for the ‘Design Producer’ explains a teaching style that extends beyond the classroom;

Teaching Tools summarizes the communications platforms used in the class that forms the basis for the DI site;

Basic Training outlines the study of the history and principles of design providing the grounding for the projects shown here;

 Finding Talent describes the vetting process;

 Production covers the designing per se;

 Promotion explains the ongoing process of pushing the projects out to different publics.

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The projects featured here were created by graduate students at the Azrieli School of Architecture, Carleton University, in a class that ran from January to April 2013. For more information consult the menu bar, or simply browse projects by category using the tag cloud.
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