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I am indebted above all to the students of the Adventures in Multimodal Design seminar, who served as the unwitting guinea pigs in an experiment that lasted from January through March 2013. To a person, you were with me all the way as I concocted this course on the fly, and you were agreeable to sharing your work on this website. I cannot thank you enough for this indulgence.

No small thanks are due to Roger Connah for granting me the opportunity to really do my thing. Roger tirelessly promoted the course, and he participated in the crits along with the shrewd and generous David Craib, Lorenzo Imbesi, Tom Leung, David Pantalony, Inderbir Riar, Jaime Salazar, H. Masud Taj and Johan Voordouw.

Thanks to Monica Ferguson and Joel Rivard for their introductions to the rich materials in the Maps, Data and Government Information Centre (MADGIC) at MacOdrum Library. Carleton architecture school alum and  PrototypeD co-director Camille Mendoza showed us her smart and enchanting Priscilla project.Professor Johan Voordouw showed us a radically new kind of architectural book. Carleton archivist Lloyd Keane introduced us to the CU archives.

Finally thanks to the god of desire, love, attraction and affection, who turned up unannounced in the seminar of February 14 to distribute a pouchful of chocolates. In his generosity, his humour and his ability to be that guy he embodies the spirit we were all striving to attain. Plus he gave me a chance to snap some class photos.



The projects featured here were created by graduate students at the Azrieli School of Architecture, Carleton University, in a class that ran from January to April 2013. For more information consult the menu bar, or simply browse projects by category using the tag cloud.
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