Carleton University Tunnel Maps

©  Jason Mooi, Nersi Naghikhani, Kaveh Baradaran, Sepideh Sohrabi 2013

A one page diagram of the Carleton University campus with tunnels colour-coded to different routes on the front page. The back will have a map of routes and connections to buildings on the back of the page. We are proposing that the different tunnel paths be looked at as “lines” such as the different subway lines that you can take. Stops are represented not by actual distance but by uniform units as in many subway maps.  Also proposed is a corresponding signage program using the same colours and coding.

Click on image below for gallery.

I'm a historian, curator, teacher and designer living in Ottawa. In 2003 I completed a Harvard doctoral dissertation on the 18thC origins of the catalogue raisonné. Then I taught at Stanford University in California from 2003 to 2005. For the next six years I was Curator of European & American Art at the National Gallery of Canada. These days I'm involved in a variety of research, teaching, advocacy and design projects. For more information visit my web sites, including my personal blog ( that will take you to my other sites including Design Incubator (, Slow Ottawa (, Vision Zero Canada ( and Love 30 Canada (

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The projects featured here were created by graduate students at the Azrieli School of Architecture, Carleton University, in a class that ran from January to April 2013. For more information consult the menu bar, or simply browse projects by category using the tag cloud.
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